Health & Safety

The Secret Lashes Health and Safety page has been constructed with one purpose in mind: To help professional eyelash extension technicians to carry out an eyelash extension treatment to the highest professional standards

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  • Special Instructions

Secret Lashes Extensions are for professional use only. At home use or use by non-professionals may result in damage to eyes or loss of vision.

Clients must wash eye area with mild cleanser prior to application. Use of eye makeup removers containing P.E.G. (polyethylene glycol), propylene glycol, or any other glycol-based ingredients will result in failure of lashes to bond.

Clients may use NON-waterproof mascara ONLY on Secret Lashes. Use of waterproof mascara will cause lashes to come loose. Repeated use of even water soluble mascara may shorten the life of the lashes.

Use eye creams sparingly and avoid lash/lid area. Careless use of eye creams and moisturisers can result in a shorter life span for Secret Lashes.

Manufacturers Instructions

Lash extensions are a safe and convenient alternative to mascara, but consumers and professionals should follow some basic safety guidelines from the product manufacturers.

The client must be fully informed of the potential risks involved with lash adhesive reactions. This must be documented and signed by the client and lash artist to confirm they understand and are happy to go ahead. The client should be offered the option of a patch test if they have any concerns.

You must follow your insures guidelines. * If your insurer says that you must follow your suppliers guidelines, then no patch test is required for the sensitive glue. If your insurer requires that a patch test take place, we recommend patch testing 24-48 hours prior to the lash appointment.

A patch test is always required for the Ultra Glue.



Note: After use, cap the nozzle tightly to maximize shelf life

Proper Usage: Professional lash extensions adhesive should NEVER come in contact with your client's skin as this could cause irritation and inflammation. This adhesive is designed to bond lash extensions to the client's natural eyelashes. Correct placement of single lash extensions is 1mm - 2mm from the skin of the eyelid. We do not recomend use with a jade stone as this will slow the drying time. Professional use only

Safety is Priority Number One

The recent rise in the popularity of eyelash extensions has been truly phenomenal. How wonderful it is that women all over the world are now able to have the eyelashes they have always dreamed of. Unfortunately, as the popularity of eyelash extensions has increased, so has the number of substandard and unsafe lash applications being performed and unsafe products being marketed. 

We will never be tempted to "short change" our customers or risk your clients health just to follow trends. The health and safety of your client’s eyes and eyelashes will always be our number one priority- no matter what. We will never offer any service such as heavy extensions exceeding 0.30mm in thickness, which are so heavy that they put the long term health of your client’s lashes at risk.

Taking care of eyelash extensions

  • For the first 24 hours after the application of your lash extensions, do not allow water to come into contact with the lashes
  • For two days after the treatment do not steam face, use a steam bath, swim or wash face with hot water
  • When showering do not allow the water to hit the eyes
  • Do not rub eyes when washing the face, always pat dry lashes after cleansing
  • Be gentle with the lash extensions, avoid tugging and getting them caught on clothes and towels
  • Do not use waterproof mascara or mascara remover on lashes with make up remover as this will loosen the bonding of the lashes.
  • Use only water based smear proof mascara on the lashes – available from Secret Lashes
  • Do not use a lash curler as it could break the lash bond
  • Do not perm lash extensions
  • Do not tint the lashes – if client requires a lash tint this should be done 24 hours prior to the procedure
  • It is normal for the client to experience the loss of a few lashes during the first 24hrs after the application

100% Lash Bonding
Lashes not lasting ... industry tips to ensure your clients eyelash extensions are applied to last the
entire lifecycle of the eyelash

  • The glue needs to be shaken for at least 1 minute before procedures and disregard the first drop of glue
  • Draw the lash extension through the glue from about 2/3 down right to the end, Then stroke the lash extensions over the lash a couple of times to coat it with the adhesive before you place the lash, as this may effect the bond if not done. Remember to blend any excess away
  • Make sure you use sufficient glue, being too sparing with the glue can result in lashes not lasting, too much can result in the lashes clumping together. The Lash most be 100% bonded otherwise the lashes will not last. The lash base connecting point must be perfectly bonded. If a repair is necessary it needs to be done quickly. Once the glue is dry it will be impossible to repair. It should be difficult to identify the Lash on the natural lash when bonded correctly.