Secret Lashes strip glossy faux mink lashes come in handy tray cases. They are soft and retain their individual curl beautifully. Each strip of lashes can be stuck to the back of your less dominant hand for easy and quick applications. Multiple sizes & colours available!

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Premium quality individual eyelash extensions are flawlessly beautiful in the eyes and comfortable to wear, These beautiful high definition individual ‘ Faux Mink Lashes’ are also lightweight and  give a natural lash feel.


Each of the Secret Lashes individual eyelash extensions are tapered at one end and polished for a beautiful natural look.

Our J-Curl Premium Individual Eyelashes are suitable for clients looking for a natural look.

Our B-Curl Lashes provide a balanced look between a J & C.

The C-Curl lashes are very popular among clients for giving a glamorous look.

The D-Curl Lashes are the curliest lashes great for full on glamour or special occasions.

The L-Curl Lashes have a straight base and angle lift, rather from a curl at the base thus, providing the ultimate length, lift and curl.